Have You Forgiven Yourself?


Jesus said

“It is finished”

– John 19:30


Easter is the reminder of all that Jesus did for us. This Easter, I have thought a great deal about the forgiveness Jesus won for us on the cross. His death paid fully for freedom from sin – the sins of others and also ours.

In this blog, it’s particularly on the subject of “self-forgiveness”. 

I believe that there are times when we “think”  we have forgiven ourselves for certain things, but in reality, we haven’t done this fully. We might have gone through the process “in our head” but that is not the same as doing it at a “heart level”.

When forgiving ourselves “in our heart” hasn’t happened, there are serious consequences for our destiny.

Like what?

I believe that unless we FULLY forgive ourselves, we will SUBCONSCIOUSLY  keep harming ourselves and our future.  We will SUBCONSCIOUSLY not want the best for ourselves. We will SUBCONSCIOUSLY hold ourselves back from having a happy and fully successful life we want. We will SUBCONSCIOUSLY keep hurting ourselves in a myriad of small and “subtle” ways. But in reality, I want to suggest that these self rejections are not so “subtle” at all! Because collectively, they all add up and they begin to erode, steal and destroy the gift of the full and flourishing destiny God wants for us.


When you don’t forgive yourself fully, it’s a way of subtly sabotaging your future

I think if we’re honest with ourselves, we SUBCONSCIOUSLY know we are doing this and “punishing” ourselves in some way. The reason we do it is because we SUBCONSCIOUSLY feel we don’t deserve to be happy because of something that’s happened in the past. (You’ll notice I use the word “subconscious” a lot, because the awareness of what we are doing is buried”).

Maybe that “thing” is a big mistake we believe we have made and we shouldn’t have. Or maybe it’s just the sense that we’ve lived below the life we think we could have or should have. This manifest itself in unworthiness and we think we don’t “deserve” God’s best. At the very crux of the problem, is a bigger issue – and that is unforgiveness towards ourselves. Harbouring this in our heart is just as damaging to us (and wrong) as having unforgiveness towards someone else.  

If you resonate with what I am saying, I would love to invite you to  get free of unforgiveness towards yourself this Easter. I mean FULLY forgive yourself in your head AND your heart.

It’s time to allow God’s pure light, love, healing and forgiveness to drench your heart.  Jesus took upon himself our every failure and biggest sin and He did it so you could live a full, free and powerful life. A life of flourishing and living in the fullness of His great plans for you; it’s what He wanted for you as he hung on that cross.

The best way you can give Jesus his full reward is to receive his grace and forgiveness. In fact, who are you not to? Is your sin too great for the pain He bore? Did he not pay enough to forgive you?


If you relate to what I am saying, I encourage you at this Easter time to deal with your past once and for all. If it helps to find a private place and kneel before your Lord and King, then do that. Confess whatever is on your heart. Lay it all down at the cross until there’s nothing left to say. Then let Jesus remove every chain from your heart.  But don’t get up yet … Not until you fully receive his unconditional forgiveness, immeasurable grace and overwhelming love.

Then choose LIFE! Choose it and LIVE TO THE FULL. And make it a habit to walk in this freedom by declaring God’s truth over your mind. EXPECT God’s blessing and favour upon your future. This is the greatest honor and thanks you could ever give Jesus.

Forgive yourself fully (in your heart) and run free into your destiny.

Carolyn Conway – Author l Trainer l Certified Life Coach (B.Min., Dip.Th.)

Carolyn is the founder of Almond Tree Ministries. She is a speaker and trainer at churches, events and retreats. Her passion is to awaken and activate the body of Christ to be God’s supernatural power and presence in the world. She is known for her prophetic gifting and teaching which awakens hearts, activates dreams and empowers destinies. She is also a mentor and certified Life-Coach empowering women to experience breakthrough and achieve their dreams and goals.

Enquiries: carolyn@almondtreeministries.com.au orOffice (03) 9532 4618