Shalom! What an amazing word it is. Do you know the full extent of what it means?

I decided to do some research on it because living in a highly populated Jewish area, I hear people say “shalom” all the time.  As they pass one another on the footpath or in the Deli, they greet each other and say “Shalom”. Then as they finish their conversation, they say it again as they wave goodbye, “Shalom”. 

My research revealed that “Shalom” is far more than just a nice gesture meaning “peace”.

The ancient Hebrew meaning of Shalom  (שלום) is deep and powerful. In fact it is mind blowing! The word itself comes from the Hebrew “shalem” which means “to make good” ; “to make full restitution” ; “to restore” ; “to make whole” and “to make complete”.  I found this to be so interesting!  But I wanted to know more as I wondered how exactly this is to be understood and applied to our lives. So, I kept researching. 

I found many references to “Shalom” in the bible. I discovered that the ancient Hebrew meaning of Shalom means wellness and restoration in the FULLEST possible way.  Shalom extends to:

  • EVERY area of life! This includes …
  • WHOLENESS AND COMPLETENESS of mind, body and spirit. But, not only wholeness of mind, body and spirit, it also extends to …
  • PRACTICAL AND MATERIAL RESTORATION of all that has been lost or stolen. 

I was amazed to learn this! I have been getting my head around the theme of “restoration” of all that has been lost or stolen. Wow! And then I started to remember verses where God talks about himself as our “Restorer”. I could quote many bible references here, but will settle for just one! Joel 2:25 “I will restore to you the years the locusts have stolen”.  That is exactly what the Shalom of God is!! 

Biblical shalom also includes “tranquility and abundance of being.”  Again, this is amazing! We can see from the word “Shalom” that God’s plan for our well-being is beyond anything we can humanly understand or imagine.

Our heavenly Father has  SUPERNATURAL FULLNESS in mind for us, in EVERY area of life – body, soul, spirit AND materially. 

Here are just two bible references which speak of God’s shalom. 

Genesis 43:27 – This is when Joseph, still unrecognized by his brothers, asked them about the well-being of his father.  He said to his brothers “Is your father well, the old man of whom you spoke?” Is he still alive?” And they answered “Your servant our father is in good health, he is still alive”.  In Hebrew, the word translated as “well-being” “well” and “in good health” is all one word – Shalom.

Judges 6. This is when Gideon had a powerful encounter with an angel. The angel greeted Gideon by saying “Shalom” (which was actually the first time an angel had said “Shalom” to anybody). In this story, you probably remember that Gideon had been very afraid when he saw the angel! However his fear grew even more when the angel gave him his assignment. Gideon certainly did not see himself as a warrior who could fight for Israel! Hence, the angel’s shalom greeting was no doubt on purpose and intended to give Gideon more confidence in who he was and how God saw him. And something else which I find very interesting is that after Gideon’s angelic encounter, he decided to build an altar to worship God and called it “Yahweh Shalom”. In other words, the revelation which Gideon received from the Lord, he erected as a testimony to others. (This is worthy of another blog in itself!)

I hope you are gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of the true meaning of Shalom!  

Last Friday evening (the Sabbath) I popped into the supermarket. As I waited at the register, I noticed the man in front of me. He was Jewish. As he finished paying for his groceries, I caught his eye. I smiled and said “Shabbat Shalom”. I wasn’t sure how he was going to respond. But he beamed back at me and said “Shabbat Shalom!” 

The true meaning of Shalom means so much more than “peace”. It’s purpose is to release SUPERNATURAL restoration of what has been stolen or lost, as well as well-ness of body, soul and spirit, wholeness, abundance, safety, harmony, tranquility and peace. Spoken over someone in faith, it bestows upon them God’s richest desires for their life.  

At this time when there is much turmoil in the world, praying the true Shalom of God over others is a BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL BENEDICTION!

I pray God’s Shalom for ALL who are reading this blog. I DECLARE AND PROCLAIM it over your life right now in the name of Yeshua the Messiah. May the richness and the fullness of Father God’s Shalom BE UPON YOU!  Receive it by faith. Amen.


P.S. Your words are POWERFUL so make a habit of SPEAKING OUT God’s supernatural “Shalom” over those you love.

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