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CoachingFor Women

The first step to getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are ...

Many women lose track of their own dreams and goals because they spend so much time and energy on others. If you relate to this, can I suggest that you do something about it? Your life is too important and precious for that to happen.

My coaching and the tools I use are tailor-made to your personal situation. 

No matter your age or stage, I’d love to help you achieve the life you are dreaming of. My goal as your coach is to support, inspire and encourage you.

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My goal is to help you achieve your goals in every area of life – personal, business and ministry. Would you like help to find clarity, growth and breakthrough?

Overcoming Roadblocks

Life’s experiences can be tough, but we should not let them rob us of joy and fulfilment. This course is designed to help you identify obstacles, deal with self-sabotaging patterns and overcome life’s disappointments. God loves you and has great plans for your future. I would love to help you breakthrough into a new season and thrive again.

Discover Your Destiny

God created you for a unique purpose and designed you to impact the world in a way no-one else can. This is an exciting and empowering coaching package which is designed to unlock your God-given dreams and destiny. You will discover your place of influence and start moving in the purpose you were created for.

Leadership Success

Leaders in ministry or business face a diverse range of unique challenges which intersect with their roles and personal life – something I know from years of personal experience in both arenas, and also many years of coaching leaders. This coaching is custom-tailored to suit you and provides a safe place of growth, clarity, inspiration, and direction.

Get Started

I would love to work with you. Please fill out the form below to start the journey. Once I receive your email I will call to discuss your hopes and coaching needs. I look forward to hearing from you.

As my personal Coach, Carolyn asked questions which not only challenged me but drew me out of my comfort zone. After each session I felt inspired and positive about moving forward in all aspects of my life. The tasks Carolyn set were great tools which brought much clarity and helped me set goals. Her approach is professional and challenging yet compassionate. Carolyn is about seeing her clients move forward with a greater confidence and broader view on who they are and what they can achieve.


"Coaching has been life-changing, actually transformational. I had neglected my own dreams for so long that they felt lost. Having personal coaching has been like putting on a new pair of glasses, everything has become so much clearer. I’ve been able to set some big goals and have already made some major life choices for good. I can personally say the whole coaching process has been transformational. Thank you Carolyn for coaching me towards believing in myself and seeing the bigger picture of what’s possible.


It has been an incredible experience to receive personal coaching with Carolyn in partnership with the Holy Spirit. I have never been clear on who I was or what God had called me to do, but that all changed. I have now become clear and have a new value for the person God created me to be. At last I have a sense of direction and a new passion to move in the direction of my purpose. It’s been a very helpful process and I can highly recommend Carolyn as a personal coach.


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