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God Is Your Restorer

Did you know that one of God’s names in Hebrew is Elyashib?

It means “God restores”. How amazing that God’s very name is “Restorer.” 

This is who He is for YOU . . . in this life (not just when you go to heaven.)  

One example of a powerful, restorative promise is seen in Joel 2:25 “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten . . .”

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t experienced setbacks, disappointments, or destructive situations in life. We have all, right? So praise God that He has declared “I will repay the years the locusts have eaten.” (And He will do this regardless of whether these setbacks came from your own mistakes or they were not of your own doing – Jesus paid for them ALL.)

Where can you expect God’s restoration in your life?

Every area. This includes your relationships, hopes, dreams, finances, health, ministry, gifts and calling. Yes, every single area.

Take a moment to think about your life. Does an area come to mind where the enemy has stolen from you? 

If so, how have you responded to that?

I know that it can be easy to be passive and just “settle” for your situation in life.  Believe me I do . . .  

But don’t do it.

Today I encourage you to step out, and start going after every promise of restoration which is yours by virtue of the fact that you are the beloved of God. Not only will result in you experiencing God’s blessing of restoration in your own life, bu it brings great glory to Jesus – and He deserves it.

Here’s is another promise you can claim . . .

Isaiah 61:7 “Instead of shame, you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance . . . and everlasting joy will be yours”.

What a promise! Read it again. 

(Perhaps it is time to put on your dancing shoes and do a few twirls around the lounge-room!! It’s something I do even though I’m not a great dancer. And it’s something the enemy deserves to witness, don’t you think??)

Today I encourage you, come before the Lord in prayer. Even if you’ve done this before, come again. God is with you and He has miracles for you to receive. He wants to fill you with new hope, joy and confidence about your future. 

Aligning your words with His truth is the first step in seeing God’s restorative work manifesting in your life. 

Here is a prayer you can make your own . . .

Father God, thank you for reminding me that your name is Elyashib, my Restorer. As my Restorer, your Word has promised to rebuild my life and give back to me the years the locusts have stolen.  You have declared that instead of shame, I will receive a double portion… and instead of disgrace that joy will be my inheritance. So right now, I reject all shame and disgrace and refuse to believe that lie that life will never be wonderful for me. Instead I replace those lies with your truth. Thank you for your amazing love for me, and thank you that Jesus paid for everything in my past. Today, based on your promises to me, I claim a double portion of your blessings for my future and I open my heart to receive your joy as my inheritance. I declare that my future is good! I choose to align my words with your promises and I speak life, hope and fruitfulness into all my future dreams, relationships, finances …. (and please include anything else God leads you to add here).

Father God, you have said that your promises never fail; I know that you do not lie, so I thank you by faith that today that your supernatural restoration is powerfully at work in my life. I believe that all your promises will manifest in my future as a testimony to your goodness and faithfulness. I thank you and give you all the glory, in Jesus wonderful name.   Amen.

Your words have creative power; speak God’s truth boldly and often over your circumstances. It will also renew your mind and that’s something needed when leaving a season of disappointment.

Let me know your thoughts below, I would love to receive your comments (especially if you’ve done a few twirls around the lounge-room!!).



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