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Awakening Hearts

unlocking destinies

Welcome to Almond Tree Ministries

Hi! I am Carolyn Conway and the founder of Almond Tree Ministries. This ministry exists to awaken and empower you to live in your God-given destiny. It is uniquely based on the prophetic identity of the almond tree which is revealed in the bible.
God loves you! You were created to live an extraordinary life, one which makes a unique impact on the earth. Do you want to know what that is? My passion is to help you discover it. It has been my great joy to do this for so many others. I believe that this is your time to unlock the dreams and destiny God created you for. It’s never too late!

If you have had big challenges, it just means you have a big destiny!



Many women lose track of their own dreams and goals because they spend so much time and energy on others. My coaching is tailor-made to your personal situation. I provide tools which awaken new passion, realign you with your priorities and give you tools to get there.


Having been on church staff for many years I understand the value of having an external ministry come and support your Church’s vision. I love the wider Body of Christ and speak in all denominations. My passion is to partner with you to see God’s Kingdom advance in our nation.

"Each one of us has a God-given calling and have been divinely designed to be change agents in the world"

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