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”Carolyn has exquisitely crafted this book with the Father's heart - you can feel it, you can see it. Shared with such passion to see the Body of Christ come into their full destiny. (Sue) 

"I absolutely love 'Awaken' and will re-read it many times. It has  heart and is the most encouraging and uplifting book I have ever read." (Leanne)

"Carolyn's book deeply spoke to my heart and soul. The Almond Tree and all its wonderful symbolism gave me great hope and encouragement, extracting God's message for us all. The stunning photography of the beautiful Almond Tree throughout is also a highlight. Just beautiful."(Kate)

"Outstanding! Beauty on every page. A rich well of 'deep calls to deep.'" (Ellie)

What people are saying about 'Awaken'

Above: Gazelles running through an Almond Orchard, Spring in Israel.

"Look! Here He comes, leaping across the mountains bounding over the hills. My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag" (Song of Songs 9:8-9)

"Why did God show Jeremiah an Almond branch? Why not a peach branch? Or an olive branch? Or a fig or orange or mulberry branch? Or why not a branch from a tree that doesn't produce any fruit such as a Silver Birch or Pine? (p. 56)

"Symbolism has an important role in Biblical revelation. God chose the Almond Tree to be a sign which not only reveals Jesus, but who He created you to be. I wonder what He wants to reveal to you through it? Discovering the answers provides keys to unlocking your own identity and destiny." (p. 9)

Quotes from 'Awaken'