Carolyn is the founder of Almond Tree Ministries which began in 2013. She grew up attending the Anglican Church and after a deep experience of God, she commenced study at Ridley College. She served for many years in the Anglican Church in pastoral ministry.

In 2003, she became a Pastor at Stairway Church, Vermont, also teaching various subjects at Stairway College. Her passion was to see students capture a deep revelation of their identity in Christ, and discover their personal calling. For many years she taught a subject she designed, empowering students in their unique destiny.

A few years ago, she relocated to the other side of Melbourne and is now involved in an Anglican Church with her husband, particularly the healing ministry.

Carolyn's ecumenical background and love for the wider Body of Christ gives her an understanding and ability to minister in all churches.

Carolyn is also a Certified Life Coach who has mentored and coached women for the last ten years. Her passion is to see women set free from all that holds them back, and thrive in life.

Some years ago, her family experienced great loss, and Carolyn's personal journey of God's grace after her son's passing has helped many women. She loves to release God's love and hope to other women, help them to arise from disappointment and flourish again.

She is known for her honesty, compassion and ability to connect 'heart-to-heart' with her audience, as well as move in the gifts of the Spirit particularly the prophetic and healing ministry.

Carolyn is an author, speaker, itinerant preacher, trainer and certified life coach. For the last ten years, Almond Tree Ministries has held events on a range of topics for women and the wider church.

Carolyn lives in Melbourne, Australia and is married to her best friend Roger and has adult children. She has a Degree in Ministry, Diploma in Theology, Certified Life Coach and Certified Trainer.