St. Francis' Poem

'Sister, speak to me of God.'



4/22/20231 min read

St. Francis of Assisi used to praise 'God the Artist' rejoicing in every one of His works. He was known for walking through the streets singing praises to God and would often cry out, 'Sing with me! He who made us is infinitely good.' Legend records that one Winter morning, he was walking in a field and came across an Almond tree. Wanting to know more about God's love, he said 'Sister, speak to me of God.' Immediately, the Almond tree was covered with blossom.

What a beautiful story and I have no problem believing it! Why couldn't it blossom immediately? He is the God of miracles. From this experience with the Almond tree, St. Francis wrote the delightful poem below.

"When the Almond tree became covered with blossoms

In the heart of Winter

All the trees around it began to jeer

'What vanity' they screamed

'What insolence!

Just think, it believes it can bring Spring in this way!'

Then the flowers of the Almond tree blushed

and said to the trees

'My sisters, I could not help but blossom,

For suddenly, I felt a warm Springtime breeze in my heart."